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Treat Your Sweetheart to Mimi’s Handmade Ice Cream - The Wellington Blog

Treat Your Sweetheart to Mimi’s Handmade Ice Cream

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Looking for a sweet way to cap off your dinner out? Head to Mimi’s Handmade Ice Cream for dessert. It’s helmed by a father and his two daughters who share a love for sweet treats, one that started with his Italian and German grandmothers. They each crafted different frosty confections according to their childhood traditions—from Italian gelato to Bavarian custard—and the sweets at Mimi’s reflect this unique blend of cultures.

Enlisting the highest quality natural ingredients available, the trio and their team churn out unexpected flavors from across the globe. Some are nods to the owner’s Italian and German heritage, while others pay homage to his time spent traveling the Asian continent. Case in point, the mango and sticky rice and Thai iced tea both evoke flavors indigenous to Asian cuisine. Meanwhile, options like coffee Oreo, French custard vanilla, and So Strawberry cater to more traditional tastes. If you land somewhere in between, order a few scoops of the vegan roasted banana, the Ginger Heaven, or the bourbon peach ice cream at Mimi’s.

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